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The Quality Compressor Remanufacturing Process


Core Tear-Down & Cleaning
Remanufacturing begins with a complete tear-down of the old compressor core.  All worn and obsolete parts are discarded.  Castings and usable components are thoroughly cleaned and inspected for damage or wear.

All crankshafts are subjected to a magnetic particle inspection, commonly referred to as Magnafluxing, to check for hairline cracks.  Worn journals are plasma metalized and ground to specified dimensions.

Cylinder Boring
Worn cylinders are rebored or sleeved as required.  All bores are carefully honed to ensure efficient piston ring sealing.

Valve Plate Grinding
Valve plates are precision ground prior to assembly with all new valve reeds and hardware.

Hermetic Motors
Defective stators are rewound to manufacturer's specifications.  Good stators are carefully cleaned and revarnished.  All windings are thoroughly tested for grounding, continuity, and correct megger-ohm values prior to compressor assembly, and retested after assembly.

Parts Inspection
Components are carefully inspected for compliance with the manufacturer's specified tolerances.  Compressors are upgraded to incorporate the latest design improvements.

Final Assembly
Bare metal castings, together with brand new and remachined parts, are brought together for final assembly by highly skilled mechanics.  The result is a reliable replacement compressor giving a long and dependable service life.

Quality Control
A rigorous quality control procedure includes running the compressor under load and recording all electrical and mechanical characteristics.  The motor winding's insulation is then retested to assure proper integrity.  Approved units are dehydrated under vacuum and charged with dry nitrogen.

Quality Compressor proudly stands behind it's product.  Each remanufactured compressor comes with a 1-Year Warranty, subject to Quality Compressor's standard terms and policies.